Eight Reasons You’ll Love Your Air Cleaner

Eight Reasons You'll Love Your Air Cleaner

Several years ago, I bought home air cleaners and I love them. I put them in the bedrooms, in the dining room near the kitchen and in my office. At first I was nervous about the background noise, but I find I can sleep soundly with the air cleaner on low and the medium setting works great in the office and dining rooms. Below are some of the benefits from having air purifiers.

  1. Your home will smell fresh and clean without having to use air fresheners that can be harmful to your health. (Read more about dangers of air fresheners.)
  2. You won’t ever come home after a trip and smell a bad odor in your house and wonder about what your guests might think.
  3. You won’t have to dust as often because a good air cleaner reduces the amount of dust in the air.
  4. You will be healthier since you will be breathing cleaner air with less mold, pet dander, bacteria and viruses.
  5. You will have fewer allergens in your house, so you may have fewer allergy symptoms.
  6. If you buy an air cleaner that removes chemical irritants, then you will be helping your immune system by reducing inflammation. According to Dr. Mimi Guarneri, the body sees polluted air, chemical irritants, second-hand smoke and pesticides as foreign invaders. They turn on our immune system and create irritation that can lead to chronic inflammation. (Read more about VOCs and how they impact your health.)
  7. Odors from neighboring apartments or houses will be removed like cigarette smoke or cooking fumes.
  8. Pet odors will disappear so your house will not smell like your pets.

Check out the air cleaners we recommend and air purifier ratings and reviews.

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