The Right Air Purifiers and Vacuums for Mold

How to Deal with Mold Clean Up

Roof leaks, plumbing problems and damp basements can lead to mold growth. Mold exposure can lead to a wide variety of health issues, some quite serious. Clearly, the source of the mold problem needs to be addressed, but the right air purifier and vacuum can help you breathe easier before and after the clean up. I live in an older home and it seems like a couple of times a year, there’s a water problem to address sometimes at the worst possible time. Our last leak occurred over the buffet table during a party. Nice, huh?

Air Purifier For Mold

If you buy the right air purifier for mold, it is very effective at removing airborne mold. Look for a air cleaner with a true HEPA filter, the larger the better. And also focus on the pre-filter. It should be designed to be cleaned to extend the life of the core filter so you are not constantly running to the store to buy new filters. We recommend the Austin Air HealthMate Plus™. It removes 99.97% of mold and other particles in the air. The large size cleans up to 1500 sq. ft. while the Junior cleans up to 700 sq. ft. The filter lasts up to five years and the unit has a five-year guarantee. In addition to cleaning up mold, this well-designed purifier will also remove dust, pet dander, odors, smoke, gases, VOCs and more so your home will smell great and your indoor air will be much healthier.

Vacuum to Clean Up Mold

While your air purifier is busy cleaning up the airborne mold spores, you should be sweeping with a HEPA vacuum. The HEPA vacuum will allow you to clean carpets, floors, shelves, upholstered furniture and books to remove mold particles. HEPA vacuums trap the mold keeping the particles from becoming airborne. Other vacuum filters allow mold as well as dust to become airborne again.

Other Steps to Take When Mold Strikes

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