What’s Wrong With Your Morning Shower

What's Wrong With Your Morning Shower

Your shower produces significant amounts of airborne contaminants. You probably had no idea that this was happening in your relaxing refuge.

How can this be? It’s because your water contains treatment chemicals that when heated and sprayed create airborne contaminants.

So, it’s simply chemistry and much like high school chemistry, it’s not on your side.

But you can reduce your risks and enjoy your shower by making a few smart choices.

Why Should You Care?

Studies have shown that when you inhale these airborne chemicals, it can be more dangerous than drinking the chemicals in unfiltered tap water.

You also might want to know that these contaminants can increase your cancer risk, cause birth-defects and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

It’s a troubling thought, isn’t it?

It’s Safer For You To Bathe Than Shower

The data from one study sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences (Andelman 1986) indicates that your hot shower can release between 50-80% of the water treatment chemicals into the air.

If you like to bathe rather than shower, it’s better news. Emissions from hot baths are 50% lower because water droplets dispersed by a bath faucet have a smaller surface-to volume ratio than water streaming into a shower so fewer of the volatiles can vaporize.

It’s Not Just Your Shower That Is To Blame

Another more recent study by environmental engineers from University of Texas at Austin documented that your shower and dishwasher contribute to indoor air pollution. The experiments showed that significant pollutants were released into indoor air from dishwashers too.

So, what can you do to reduce your exposure?

  • Use shower filters to remove chlorine
  • Shorten your shower time
  • Reduce the temperature of your shower since colder water reduces the vaporization of the chemicals
  • Opt for baths rather than showers
  • Use a bath ball filter to remove chlorine from your bath water
  • Use the bathroom exhaust fan to remove the gases from your bathroom
  • Use an air cleaner that removes VOCs to absorb the gases that accumulated during your shower

Let’s be honest.

You are probably not anxious to turn down the heat or shorten your shower and who can blame you? If this is the case, you could opt for a shower filter, more baths, using the exhaust fan or going for an air cleaner.

Check out how great the Sprite Shower Filter looks in the shower with the matching brushed nickel finish.

The filters are easy to install. No need for a plumber or special tools. You’ll only need a wrench.

Sprite Shower Filter added to existing brushed nickel shower head. Looks great and is a top rated choice for removing harmful chemicals.

Learn more about the Sprite Shower Filter.

Which options are most appealing to you? Were you aware that your shower produced airborne contaminants?

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