Four years ago, Carol suffered a concussion. It would have been an amusing story if what followed hadn’t been such a nightmare. Carol’s cat liked to ambush her much like Cato and Inspector Clousseau. One day, while bringing in groceries, the cat darted from behind her and tripped her on the stairs. What happened next changed Carol’s and her husband Kelly’s lives. Months later, she was still trying to recover.

The concussion had triggered a downward spiral that seemed bottomless. In addition to headaches, vertigo, fatigue and brain fog, she began to suffer worsening chemical sensitivities. In the past, only certain smells seem to cause problems like wallpaper, fabric and tire stores. These could be easily avoided.

Now, fragrances, car exhaust, paint, new upholstery, cleaning products, new carpet and even inkjet printed materials were causing problems. The first step was to remove all fragrances from the house including perfume, scented candles, air fresheners, dryer sheets and laundry detergent. It took some time but Carol and Kelly were able to find good, non-toxic alternatives. She also traded in her make up and skin care products for chemical-free alternatives. So far so good.

On the advice of her physician, Carol began drinking bottled water to avoid fluoride and MTBEs and other contaminants. Since bottled water is not ideal, they began investigating water purification options. At this point, they realized that there was a need for simpler resources after spending days and days researching water filtration systems including pitchers, faucet, shower and whole house. There was so much conflicting and incomplete information. For a while, they were so overwhelmed they did nothing –unsure that they would make the right decision. Why did it have to be so difficult?

Then came other needs. Purchasing an organic mattress, safe cookware, effective home air purifier, non-toxic paint and chemical-free furniture all resulted in long, laborious research projects. As they researched, they were shocked to discover the vast array of chemicals, many known to be toxic that were in so many things they owned.

At this point, Carol and Kelly’s friends began asking them for advice and information for a healthier home. That’s when Carol, now vibrantly healthy, decided to launch Pure Living Space to help others create a safe and healthy home environment quickly, easily and confidently.

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